Mission Statement

We know that everything we have comes from God.  So everything we do, we want to be of maximum fruitfulness for His Kingdom.  Any and every opportunity we have been blessed with is a platform to serve, help others and share the love of Christ. That is our mission and goal.

Our long term passion and desire is to host charity events called "Princess for a Day."  These events will be hosted for the girls at Freedom House who have been rescued from sex-trafficking. Our dream is to show these young ladies how special they truly are and remind them that they are daughters of the King.  We will give them new outfits, makeovers, and pamper them for the day. Down the line, we would love to open a boutique and hire some of these girls.  This would be a wonderful opportunity to get them back on their feet, easing them back into the workforce and the world.  This would be a safe place and environment for them to grow and build their self-esteem and independence.  

Our hope is that God would use this exciting passion of ours to bless many, bring women together and give girls a new outlook on how they see themselves. 
It is amazing how one new outfit really can change the way you see yourself.  It seems so small, but it is powerful to throw off the old and put on the new.  It is so much more than just being pampered for a day, it is receiving the love of Christ and letting others show them how beautiful they are inside and out.  I pray that through this experience each woman would learn to see themselves through God's eyes.